Tuesday, June 20, 2006

J.P. Traded to the Devil Rays

Looks like Dayton Moore is finally on the job.

J.P. Howell (Career ERA+ 70) for Joey Gathwright (Career OPS+ 72) plus a minor leaguer with a line of 280/336/358 in five minor league seasons. I guess that sounds about right.

Gathwright is a speedster with good on-base skills and plus defense in the outfield (way plus when compared to some of the guys we've thrown out there this year). At 25, there's still a chance he'll improve on his career numbers.

Howell was one of many, many, MANY young arms the Royals have been shuttling between Omaha and the bigs in an effort to build a respectable major league pitching staff. A strong K rate in the minors hadn't translated to big league success for J.P. and he's been having shoulder problems lately. At 23, he still has some potential in the tank, though.

My guess is that Moore has some deals on the table for Emil Brown, Reggie Sanders or both. Gathwright and DeJesus would make for some nice table setters at the top of the lineup, so I think I like this deal.

It also looks like Moore may not be too high on Baird's scouting of pitchers. Might Grienke be next?