Monday, August 15, 2005

Fifteen in a Row

Yes, I've been around.

I've had many ideas to write about... who will be the September call-ups, who should be player of the year, how much resistance to a little losing should we have...

It's all bad. Fifteen losses is hard to take. 11 runs in the ninth is unbelievable. Jose Lima pitching a complete-game and allowing one run sounds as if it is from a dream.

Football is starting soon, and I will shift my focus to the Chiefs. That will offer some respite. But for now, I am talking about the Royals.

I am still rooting for the Kansas City Royals. In fact, part of me wants them to keep losing, so that my team becomes the lead on Sports Center every night. So the world will start paying attention. So there is some reason to care.

When this season is over... whether we've 'bested' the Tigers and Mets of yore or not, I will still check the Arizona Fall League stats to see how the younger Royals are doing. I will still imagine trade scenarios and free-agent signings that breathe life into my favorite team.

I will try to design a weight-loss program that works for Calvin Pickering and hunt for a fountain of youth serum for Aaron Guiel. I will dream about shipping Tom Emanski tapes to Billy Butler, Justin Huber and Matt Diaz in the hopes that they all learn how to play a little defense.

I will send Zack Grienke a Tony Robbins video so that he can become motivated enough to make Runelvys's second year after Tommy John surgery a worthwhile one.

I will hold on to 2003 as tightly as a toddler grips his woobie, and I will drive to Arizona for Spring Training in 2006, muttering to myself and anyone who will listen, "if just a few things go our way..."

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