Sunday, September 18, 2005

Chiefs 23, Raiders 17 - No one said it had to be pretty


Sounds good, doesn't it Royals fans?

One of the nice things about football is that you get a whole week to enjoy your victories. The intensity on Sundays is much easier to sustain for the game, and no matter how miserable the season is, you'll only have to endure a little more than a dozen games.

Due to a class I am taking on Sundays this winter, this will be the first year I haven't had the DirecTV football package in LA. So, it was nice to catch tonight's game on ESPN.

It would have been nice if they hadn't secretly replaced the regular announcers with a couple of Randy Moss sycophants, though.

Nonethelss, we one the game and I am quite happy with the team this year. The defense is definitely better. As long as Trent Green's leg doesn't fall off, I think we're in good shape for a playoff run.

Being two games up on the Raiders is always nice, as well.

Ahh, football, winning and happiness. Did Jose Lima put on another fireworks display today? I hadn't noticed.

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