Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Long Cold Winter

Currently, the umpteen or so people who still care about the Kansas City Royals are in a tizzy about Mike Sweeney's mild criticism of the Royals payroll.

I kind of agree with Posnanski's take on it, but I certainly don't think Sweeney was out of line. He may not understand the nuances of salary structure vis a vis winning percentage (the Seattle Mariners fought the Royals for the worst record in baseball last year while paying they're players roughly $81 Million), but he wants to win, and it's hard to see the return of Lima Time and the addition of a few fourth outfielders doing much to help the Royals capture the American League Central.

In the meantime, pitchers and catchers report a month from now, and I am planning to stay as optimistic as possible until Mathematical Elimination Day. May it be staved off until at least late August.

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